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Jaipur, Rushdie and the Big O

January 26, 2012

Jaipur – in Sanskrit it means “where luvvies meet”. Maybe. I wasn’t able to check as Wikipedia was down in protest when I looked so I had to guess. The modern repository of all knowledge wasn’t the only one protesting. The literati at the Jaipur Literature Festival had their collective backs up after Salman Rushdie […]

The post about learning Hindi

August 12, 2011

There comes a point in every expat's India stint where they finally get around to taking Hindi classes. For us, it's taken two-and-a-half years.

Mango and chicken curry

June 24, 2011

When we lived in Bombay, mango season was an event - locals discussed the imminent arrival of the bright orange fruit like connoisseurs of fine wines.

So, we’ve bought a car

June 15, 2011

Delhi's relentless summer heat and the prospect of moving about via rickshaw in the monsoon mean it really makes sense to have our own transport. Of course, buying a car in India - like doing anything - is never a straightforward matter.

Escaping Delhi in Delhi – Café Diva

May 31, 2011

There are times when Delhi gets just a bit too much and you want to escape and ensconce yourself in a little corner of the world that's anywhere but India. Italy, perhaps.

Tamarind Chicken Curry

May 20, 2011

This recipe gives pride of place to one of my favourite ingredients, tamarind, a purple-black pulp that gives dishes a sharp sourness and adds a rich depth to the flavours.

Something for a (long) weekend: Sahib

May 6, 2011

Pick a contentious topic to write a book on and in the list might well be the British Army's presence in India. While not the most politically correct of subjects, British rule over the subcontinent is undeniably a central period in the history of both countries.

Riddle, mystery and enigma – Delhi property

May 3, 2011

Despite my original desire to live “in residence” at The Imperial Hotel for the duration of our time in Delhi, certain fiscal constraints – otherwise known as reality – intervened and we needed to find ourselves an apartment. Thus began our journey into the world of Indian property hunting.

Lazy Sunday parathas

May 1, 2011

While not strictly a breakfast dish, a favourite start to the day here in India are parathas - fried breads that come in all shapes and sizes.

In the name of the goddess

April 25, 2011

In a north Indian town, a large crowd has gathered. Women in bright saris, their pallus drawn over their heads, line one side of a narrow street. Men line the opposite. On the rooftops above, others find whatever vantage points they can. For a time they stand there, watching the entrance to a small temple.