We apologise for the interruption . . .

April 18th, 20112:50 pm @

If you follow me on Twitter, or we’re friends on Facebook, I apologise as you’ll have seen this already. I’m doubly sorry for those in the intersection of the Blog-Twitter-Facebook Venn Diagram – this is third time unlucky for you.

Gora! Gora! Gora! is in the running for the Sydney Writers’ Centre’s Best Australian Blogs Competition in the “Lifestyle” category. The decision on that winner is made in-house, but if you’d like to show your support, you can vote in the People’s Choice category.

Simply follow this link, or click on the image in the sidebar to the right, select Gora! Gora! Gora! in the list (and any other Australian blogs you’d like to vote for – you’re not limited to one), fill in some details and you’re done, having earned my eternal gratitude – which is all I can offer, I’m afraid. (Edit: And, as promised, pat a baby Labrador for every vote.)

Now that the blatant self promotion is out of the way, normal service shall be resumed. Next up: naked women and inappropriate equine relationships. Seriously, stay tuned.

Image courtesy of anonymouscollective on Flickr.

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