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India draws expats from across the globe. Some are here for work, some are here for love, others came here on holiday and never left. Whatever their reasons for being here, they experience an India that’s far removed from the country most tourists see.

While those here on holiday can forgo bathing for weeks on end, grow dread locks, wear hippy-style clothes and happily pay a rickshaw driver three times the normal fare because “it’s only .006 of a cent back home”, those here to live have a somewhat different experience. So it’s refreshing to read the India experiences of people from various nations with different backgrounds.

Below are a selection of must-read blogs written by long-term expats who now call India home.

Diary of a White Indian Housewife

Aussie expat Sharell has an active fan base who engage with her over her endless supply of quality posts and advice about living in India. She’s got a fresh perspective as she’s married to an Indian and lives a pretty ordinary Indian-style life in the north of Bombay.

Dean Nelson

Dean – the South Asia editor of the UK’s Telegraph – has been in New Delhi for four years and writes extensively on various aspects of Indian society, politics and economics. His updates on Twitter are well worth following, especially his updates on the situation in Kashmir.

The Popular Case Centre

Casey is a South African now living in New Delhi where she captures the craziness of life in India, from buying and riding a two-wheeler to the life of street dogs. Her blog is like one of those bric-a-brac stores in an out-of-the-way town: full of interesting surprises. She’s also on Twitter.

Neo Indian

Neo’s dry sense of humour will have you crying with laughter. As an Indian expat living in India, he offers a different perspective on life in the country, including his travails with their not-keen-on-working maid. This is Neo’s Twitter feed.


Last, but certainly not least, is Bloggie Award-nominated Desiderata. Named after – in her words – one of the best poems of all time, Desiderata takes a look at life in New Delhi (and formerly Bombay) through the eyes of an Aussie-born person of Indian descent. Like most, she is also on Twitter.

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