Things you will photograph in India

February 20th, 201012:16 pm @

Without a doubt, India is a photogenic country. From the Taj Mahaj to the Gateway of India you’ll find people viewing the country through their viewfinder. Quite apart from the obvious choices, there are numerous other things that any traveller will always end up photographing during their time in the country.

Cows on the street

“OHMYGODTHERE’SACOWINTHEMIDDLEOFTHEROAD!” is a very common expression from new arrivals, myself included.

Street-food vendors

You just can’t go past a street-side chef without firing off a few snaps.

Guys in turbans

Nothing says “India” like a bloke with his head wrapped up.

Rickshaw portraits

Riding around in rickshaws means spending a lot of time stuck in traffic, which leads to the inevitable portrait using the driver’s mirrors.

Market displays

I’d never take photos of the goods on display at my local Bondi supermarket. In India, however, it’s a different story.

Crazy traffic

Whether it’s a guy carrying a refrigerator on a bicycle or a family of six on a moped, Indian traffic offers plenty of photo opportunities.

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